The End Of The World As We Know It

(9/11/16 – 4/9/17)

A seven-month journey through the mysterious book of Revelation which in turn takes us throughout the whole Bible as we discover not just the end of the world, but are amazed at our Awesome God!




Follow Me [Guest Speaker – Alex Zabel]




Church At The KOA Kampground


Why? Because it’s fun!



Dream Center Mission Team Share Time


We sent a team of 20 to the Atlanta Dream Center for a week and they come back to tell how God has changed their lives!



The Power Of Prayer

(7/10/16 – 8/7/16)

God has called us to become a praying church and to do it right now!



Our Battle

(6/26/16 – 7/3/16)

When the Enemy wants to fight, we’ll be ready for him.


Father’s Day 2016





How To Be The Church

(5/15/16 – 6/12/16)

A five week study through the book of James. Five chapters in five weeks. The book of James is a practical guide to how to be a Christian, and since the church is more than a building but really a collection of Christ Followers, it is also a guide to how to be the church. But even more than that, it is a litmus test to determine if you are a true believer or just playing the game.






To Be Continued

(4/3/16 – 5/1/16)

This series we take a look at the events just following the resurrection and the building of the church. We will be going through the amazing book of Acts as the Holy Spirit makes his entrance into the world!


The Road To Redemption

(3/6/16 – 3/27/16)

Follow us as we take a closer look at the final week of the earthly life of Jesus that culminated in the greatest event the world has ever  seen – the resurrection!


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

(2/7/16 – 2/28/16)

Countless songs have been written about love: “Love is a Battlefield”;“What’s Love Got to do With It?”; Meatloaf would “Do anything for love”; Huey Lewis asked “Do you believe in love?”; Whitney and Dolly both claimed that they would “Always love you”; Stevie Wonder would “just call to say I love you”; Barry White couldn’t get enough of it.  But God’s Word defines what LOVE really is!


The Pursuit Of Happiness

(1/3/16 – 1/31/16)

In the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers stated that we have the unalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And so, today that is what we are all about – happiness. But is the happiness we seek today the same as what they meant 240 years ago? And what does God say about happiness and how to obtain it? Let’s find out together.