You are invited to our first annual ReMember!


On Saturday, December 3rd, we are gathering as a church family for a time of…


The past year has been filled with highs and lows, victories and defeats, laughing and tears, joy and sorrow. We will reflect on how far we’ve come and what we have learned. We hope to hear some testimonies from some of you on what God has done in your life since becoming a member of Reality. Part of this time will also include a few “thank you’s” to the many of you who have made this last year so….AWESOME!


We will take a look at the coming year and beyond. We will share our hopes and dreams and the big picture plans we have for 2017, and what it is going to take for some of them to happen.


In the busyness of life and ministry it is easy to forget why we do what we do, so it is always helpful to have a reminder.  We have a God-given vision and mission that we must always keep at the forefront of our minds.


Once all has been said that needs to be said, it will be time for all of us to renew our covenant with each other and with God as part of the family and membership of Reality Church. And we will do it TOGETHER!

Other parts of this event will include our favorite thing to do together, EAT, and a time of discussion. We want to hear from you! So, if you have thoughts and suggestions about how the membership works or about the church in general, this will be the time to talk about it with the whole family.


We hope that you will make every effort to attend.

Saturday, December 3rd, 4:30pm – 8:30pm
@ Green Run High School Cafeteria

1. This event is for active signed members and by invitation only. Non-member guests are not invited.
2. Childcare will not be provided for this event, but if you need assistance in obtaining childcare let us know.

Well, I guess that’s all the information you should need. But if I left anything out, please feel free to ask.

Now, the way to RSVP is by completing the survey at the following link. If there are multiple members in your family, you can RSVP for all of them by completing it once and including their names. Please complete the survey whether you are coming or not. And please share a story about what God has done in your life that we can celebrate together!




I look forward to seeing you there and another year with you in the Reality Family!

God Bless!

Pastor Daniel