Pursuing Christ

In life and in the church there are many lingering questions about why, what, how, and when…. And that is exactly why Martha was so busy trying to take care of all that. But Jesus commended Mary who just sat at his feet and listened. Reality church has a lot going on and questions about the future, but instead of … Read More

Undoing The Impossible: Transformed Living

Beginning a four part series as a follow-up to Pastor Daniel’s message “The Impossible Christian Life”, Pastor Sandy Martin shows us how to indeed live that ‘impossible life’ by becoming a truly committed Christ-follower and letting Him live through us everyday.

The Impossible Christian Life (John 15:5)


After several months of deep theological study, Pastor Daniel shifts gears to a practical message that details how to actually live out your faith on more than just Sunday morning.

Mission: Unstoppable (Acts 2)


Pastor Daniel shares his vision of what is next for Reality Church by showing that not only do we serve an unstoppable God, but He has given us both individually and as a church-body, a mission to complete.

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