Undoing The Impossible: Transformed Living

Beginning a four part series as a follow-up to Pastor Daniel’s message “The Impossible Christian Life”, Pastor Sandy Martin shows us how to indeed live that ‘impossible life’ by becoming a truly committed Christ-follower and letting Him live through us everyday.

The Impossible Christian Life (John 15:5)


After several months of deep theological study, Pastor Daniel shifts gears to a practical message that details how to actually live out your faith on more than just Sunday morning.

Mission: Unstoppable (Acts 2)


Pastor Daniel shares his vision of what is next for Reality Church by showing that not only do we serve an unstoppable God, but He has given us both individually and as a church-body, a mission to complete.

30. The Never-Ending Story (Revelation 21 & 22)


The Kingdom To Come – Closing out an amazing study of Revelation, Pastor Daniel highlights the beauty in the final two chapters as it will truly be a “Never-Ending Story” for believers that inhabit the new earth/heaven where the majesty of the new Jerusalem will be visible as far as the eye can see.

29. In The End, There Can Be Only One! (Revelation 20 & 21)


The Kingdom To Come – Pastor Daniel recaps Chapter 20 leading up to the final battle between good and evil and the Great White Throne Judgment, then moves into Chapter 21 which describes the end of the Millenial Kingdom and the coming of the New Heaven and the New Earth which will unfortunately not be for everyone.

28. Kingdom Life


The Kingdom To Come – Briefly capping Revelation 20, Pastor Daniel uses the Book of Isaiah and few other OT books to show us what the Millenial Kingdom will be like with the regenerated New Earth and the New Heaven coinciding as one.

27. Kingdom Come (Revelation 20)


The Kingdom To Come – Pastor Daniel brings us to Revelation 20 and ties in Old Testament prophecies to show us how the good news of salvation in Christ’s death and resurrection will lead all those who believe and trust in Him to the Millennial Kingdom.

Child Of The One True King (Romans 8)


Pastor Daniel, fresh from a spiritually awakening conference, speaks intimately to the family out of Romans 8 about what it looks like to be a child of the one true King.

The Risen King (Mark 1)


Pastor Daniel takes us on a journey through Mark and other connected text to uncover several significant truths concerning the “good news” and our how interpretation of these truths affects our ability to understand what it means to repent, believe and ultimately put our trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

26. ArmagedDONE! [Revelation 19-20]


The End Of The World As We Know It – Pastor Daniel concludes his EOTW series with a look at Armageddon: the literal meaning of the word (not what most people think), and the bloody battle as God’s words have the power of a nuclear blast that fulfills nearly all of His covenants and promises made to man since Adam … Read More

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