Jesus and the Sabbath (John 5)

One of Jesus’ favorite things to do was mess with the proud, self-righteous religious leaders of his day. And one of his favorite things to mess with them about was their abuse of the Sabbath. But at the same time, Jesus was compassionate and gentle with the humble. In short: Jesus is awesome!

Jesus, A Pharisee, and the Women at the Well (John 3 & 4)

In John 3 and 4, Jesus has an encounter with two people who could not be more different from each other. one is a proud and important religious leader. The other is an outcast among outcasts. Jesus shows us that He is worthy of our praise and admiration as He meets them right where they are and changes their lives … Read More

2. And So It Begins… (John 2)


Jesus began his ministry in John chapter 2 in a subtle and not-so-subtle way. Why? What was Jesus’ motivation for what he did and didn’t do? Join us as we begin Pursuing Christ by looking intently into the Gospel that shows us the divine!

Pursuing Christ

In life and in the church there are many lingering questions about why, what, how, and when…. And that is exactly why Martha was so busy trying to take care of all that. But Jesus commended Mary who just sat at his feet and listened. Reality church has a lot going on and questions about the future, but instead of … Read More

Who is This Man?

Most people have a concept of who they think Jesus is whether they grew up in church or not, except, of course, those who have never heard of him. And most of those concepts are incomplete at best and often settled on at some point and explored no further. Which is a sad thing to do with the infinite God. … Read More

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