Back to the Future (The Covenants)

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We are now ten weeks into this series, which means we are almost a third of the way done. And even though we haven’t even started with the juicy stuff, I’d think it’s safe to say it hasn’t been boring. So far, we’ve encountered the Real Jesus in chapter 1. We’ve read his letters to us, the church, in chapters … Read More

The Throne Room (Revelation 4 & 5)

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Welcome to the ninth week of this series on the End of the World as We Know It. Today we will finally start getting into some of the futuristic stuff in this book. So far we have covered the initial part of John’s vision and the letters to the seven churches. Last week we peeked into chapter 4 and immediately … Read More

The Rapture

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Welcome to the 8th week of a series that will take us right up to the very end of this world, but don’t worry we are at least a few months until I get to that part. If you are just joining us, we just finished with the third chapter of Revelation and talking about the seven churches that King … Read More

7 Churches – Laodicea

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Welcome to the seventh week of this series on the end of the world as we know it. If you’re just joining us, don’t worry, we haven’t even started on the last days. We’re still talking about “the things that are” – as in the seven letters that Jesus wrote to his church. But I don’t think I’ve done too … Read More

A Learning Experience

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I recently had to do a personal retreat for a class I’m taking, and I had to write a reflection paper on the experience. It turned into much more of a learning experience than I anticipated and thought it would be good to share. If nothing else, it should help you see that we pastors don’t have it all figured … Read More

7 Churches – Sardis & Philadelphia

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We are now six weeks into this series about the end of the world as we know it, and we haven’t even started talking about the end yet…but don’t worry, we will. So far, we have been taking our time looking at the first two chapters of Revelation. Today we will get into chapter 3 – yay! Chapters two and … Read More

7 Churches – Thyatira

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Welcome to the fifth week of this 10 year series we are calling the End of the World as We Know It. Actually, over the weekend I was able to finally map it out and it is going to last for 34 weeks with the final message being on Mother’s Day next year. And during those 34 weeks, now down to 30 … Read More

7 Churches – Smyrna & Pergamum

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Good morning and welcome to what is now the fourth week of what will be a very, very long series as we are doing a deep study through the book of Revelation and all the End-Times prophecy. As you can see, it’s called “The End of the World as We Know It.” The story of Polycarp that you just saw will come … Read More

7 Churches – Ephesus

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Welcome to the third week of an indefinite series that will take us all the way to the end of time itself. Yes we are covering the enigmatic book of Revelation and associated end-times prophecy. It’s going to take a long time and we are just getting started. If you missed the first two weeks, you really need to watch … Read More

The Real Jesus (Revelation 1)

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I’m sure some of you are wondering how in the world that video clip – while hilarious – had anything to do with Revelation and the end of the world as we know it… Basically I’m just prepping you. With a series as long as this, do you know how hard it will be to pick out a relevant video … Read More

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