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9/4/17 – In The Zone

The difference between a pristine athlete and a couch potato is not so much about the phisycal difference but mostly about focus. The same is true in our spiritual race we are told about all throughout the New Testament. And that focus is not just on anything but our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


8/27/17 – ReFocus

Now that we’ve experienced some major changes, it is time for us to ReFocus on the one thing – or rather one Person – that all of this is about. It’s time to refocus on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.


8/20/17 – Wow God!

We’ve been going through some major changes this summer and it came to a head when we backed out of a move to a new location. Now we are doing church in our cozy office. Pastor Daniel explains how this came to be and the path ahead.

Series – Undoing the Impossible: Transformed Living

Pastor Sandy Martin shows us how to indeed live that ‘impossible life’ by becoming a truly committed Christ-follower and letting Him live through us everyday.


1. Undoing The Impossible – Transformed Living  (6/26/17)

2. Transformed Living Pt. 2 – Becoming A Better Christ-follower   (7/2/17)

6/11/17 – The Impossible Christian Life (John 15:5)

After several months of deep theological study, Pastor Daniel shifts gears to a practical message that details how to actually live out your faith on more than just Sunday morning.

6/4/17 – Mission: Unstoppable (Acts 2)

Pastor Daniel shares his vision of what is next for Reality Church by showing that not only do we serve an unstoppable God, but He has given us both individually and as a church-body, a mission to complete.

Series – The Kingdom to Come (Revelation 20 – 22)

Pastor Daniel brings us to the end of Revelation with a four part series on the Millennial Kingdom.  Showing us through correlating Old Testament prophecies how the good news of salvation in Christ’s death, resurrection and return will lead past and present believers, martyrs and a handful of tribulation survivors to rebuild the Earth as it was originally intended to be.

1. The Kingdom To Come [Revelation 20]  (5/7/17)     NOTES

2. Kingdom Life  (5/14/17)     NOTES

3. In The End, There Can Be Only One! [Revelation 20 & 21]  (5/21/17)     NOTES

4. The Never-Ending Story [Revelation 21 & 22]  (5/28/17)     NOTES

4/23/17 – Child Of The One True King (Romans 8)

Pastor Daniel, fresh from a spiritually awakening conference, speaks intimately to the family out of Romans 8 about what it looks like to be a child of the one true King.

4/16/17 – The Risen King (Easter 2017)

What if I told you that the story of Christ’s death and resurrection is not the good news that Jesus told us to preach to the world just before he ascended into heaven?
What if I told you that this story alone is not what saves you?

3/26/17 – A Call To Prayer

Pastor Daniel comes off the stage and sits with his congregation to talk about how humility and vulnerability play significant roles in our prayer lives and how God wants us to boldly come to Him with everything on our hearts and minds.


Series – The End of the World As We Know It

A seven-month journey through the mysterious book of Revelation which in turn takes us throughout the whole Bible as we discover not just the end of the world, but are amazed at our Awesome God!

1. Dipping The Toes   (9/11/16)     NOTES

2. The Real Jesus [Revelation 1]   (9/18/16)     NOTES

3. The Seven Churches – Ephesus   (9/25/16)     NOTES

4. The Seven Churches – Smyrna & Pergamum   (10/2/16)     NOTES

5. The Seven Churches – Thyatira   (10/16/16)     NOTES

6. The Seven Churches – Sardis & Philadelphia   (10/23/16)     NOTES

7. The Seven Churches – Laodicia   (10/30/16)     NOTES

8. The Rapture   (11/6/16)     NOTES

9. The Throne Room [Revelation 4 & 5)   (11/13/16)     NOTES

10. Back To The Future: The Covenants   (11/20/16)     NOTES

11. Back To The Future II: The Daniel Prophecies   (11/27/16)     NOTES

12. Back To The Future III: The Seventy Sevens   (12/4/16)     NOTES

13. Signs Of The Times: Precursors   (12/11/16)     NOTES

14. Signs Of The Times: The Olivet Discourse   (12/18/16)     NOTES

15. Seven Seals – Rise Of The Antichrist [Revelation 6]   (1/15/17)     NOTES

16. Seven Seals – Truth Revealed [Revelation 6 & 7]   (1/22/17)     NOTES

17. Seven Trumpets – Not For Music [Revelation 8]   (1/29/17)     NOTES

18. Seven Trumpets – Woe, Woe, Woe [Revelation 9]   (2/5/17)    NOTES

19. The Little Scroll [Revelation 10]   (2/12/17)     NOTES

20. Two Witnesses & Three Temples [Revelation 11]   (2/19/17)     NOTES

21. The Woman & The Dragon [Revelation 12]   (2/26/17)     NOTES

22. The Beast, The False Prophet & The Mark [Revelation 13]   (3/5/17)     NOTES

23. Eye Of The Hurricane [Revelation 14]   (3/12/17)    NOTES

24. Seven Bowls [Revelation 15 & 16]   (3/19/17)     NOTES

25. Babylon [Revelation 17-19]  (4/2/17)     NOTES

26. ArmagedDONE! [Revelation 19-20]   NOTES