How to E.A.T. God

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Some practical steps toward giving God “Equal Air Time.”
To hear the background and reason for doing this, see the message “No More Worries” or read the notes.
In short, this is a practical guide to “fixing your thoughts on God.” And it’s all about what you let in your brain, or what I call your “brain diet.”
What is included in a “brain diet”?
Media consumption includes any and all forms of visual or audial input into your brain. Because if you can hear it or see it, it’s entering your brain and getting stored somewhere – even if you are not directly paying attention to it.  A good example is a TV or the radio on in the background as you do something else. A good way to tell if something is entering your brain is if you can recall it when the input is turned off. If you can picture it or remember it, then it’s in your brain and is now part of your thought pool.
What time “counts”? It’s a fair question. Basically it’s whatever you can control yourself. 
Many will likely have jobs that will require some kind of media consumption. For the most part, this will be rather neutral, and IF you don’t have much of a choice in the matter – it doesn’t count against you. But during your free time, when you get to choose what kind of entertainment or even learning you can do, that is your opportunity to learn about God!!! Or just spend time with Him.
The first thing you can do to work on this is to actually start measuring your air time. Pay attention to what is entering your brain and keep a record of it. You might be quite surprised at what you find.
While these are specifics about what you can do to better “seek Him” with your time, the best thing to do is ask God to give you the desire to seek after Him. Ask Him to show you where you are lacking and give you the courage and strength to change.
If you only try just a few of these for a set amount of time, you will be amazed at what a difference it makes in your thought life.
Feel free to contact me for any questions (
Some specifics:
  • What are you listening to on your daily commute, or any time you are driving or riding in a car? Many of us spend hours in a car each day, so this could quickly and easily rack up hours for God. Instead of listening to whatever radio station or CD, you could listen to:
    • A Christian radio station – music or preaching.
    • The Bible on CD.
    • Another Christian book on CD (you can get them free at the library).
    • Podcasts – there are many, many good podcasts of preaching, music, discussion, and more. (I have a bluetooth ear piece that I use as I’m driving to listen to the podcasts from my phone.)
    • Nothing…. “Air Time” actually includes your thoughts when nothing is on. Remember “meditation” (focused thinking)? If you don’t want to listen to something, you could spend the time talking with God or just thinking about what you’ve recently learned about Him. Just run it over in your mind. (I do this quite often)
  • How much TV/Movies are you watching? Includes all modes of video entertainment.
    • Do you have it on in the background?
      • Turn it off and play some Christian music instead.
    • Are you watching just because you are bored?
      • Try looking over the “Anchoring Deeper” from the bulletin and digging into the scriptures to answer the questions.
      • Watch a Christian movie.
      • Listen to Christian music or some preaching.
      • Read a Christian book.
      • Turn off all media and talk with a real person.
    • Are you watching sports?
      • The actual footage of a sporting event is generally neutral, but it’s the commercials you have to watch out for. In a given 3 hour football game, a third of that is commercials.  If you mute the commercials and do something else during them, you will reduce your World-media input significantly, and you might even be amazed at how much more content you become when you are not constantly bombarded with marketers telling you what you “need.”
      • While the sporting event may be neutral, it’s still not God-media so it counts toward World-media.
    • Are you watching specific shows?
      • Again, skip the commercials and you can save yourself some time and ultimately money.
      • Otherwise, this time counts for World-media and will need to be matched by God-media somehow.
      • Also, you should strongly consider what kinds of lies this show is portraying as the truth or just normal. Jesus illustrated truth with stories, which shows their power to shape our thoughts. It’s also just as easy to implant ideas contrary to God’s word by just being the assumptions in a story.  The more God-media you get in your head, the more you will be able to recognize this.
  • The Internet…
    • Facebook – can be a very good or a very bad thing.
      • Whatever it is, it is World-media – the split second a bible verse picture goes by on your scroll doesn’t count.
      • Try to limit your time, but most importantly be intentional about filters. You can tell Facebook what you do and do not want to see. Block the things that will tempt you to look at things you know you shouldn’t. This will make your FB time more safe and more fun.
    • Everything else, just watch yourself and track your time. If you’re just on there being bored and reading articles and blogs – why not go to a Christian blog or Christian website and read their stuff, or the bible online? There is ALOT of God-media on the internet that you can dig into.
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, etc. – Printed material
    • These will all fall into God-media or World-media, use at your discretion.
    • I have lots of good books at my office if you are interested.
  • Your Smart Phone
    • How much time to spend playing games?
    • How much time do you spend on Facebook or other social apps?
    • What else are you doing there that is not God-media?
    • I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume the games you are playing are not God-media. If they are – good for you. Otherwise the time you spend playing them is World-media.