While there are many ways to connect, the Life Groups are the life blood of authentic community.

Each Life Group meets on a weekly basis for about 90 minutes and typically uses the weekly Sunday message as their study curriculum. The groups are primarily relationship focused, so most of the time is spent working toward connecting with each other and growing friendships. There is usually some kind of food, and there is always a time for prayer.

All groups are effectively open all the time for new members, even if it is not always promoted. We operate on kind of a perpetual/semester based hybrid model. Groups do effectively have start and stop dates, but we also leave it open for a group to stay together after a planned break. Like most things here at Reality, we consider our way of doing this an experiment and we are always tweaking it to try to make it better.

Check out the below calendar for currently active groups. Some meet at the church and others meet in homes. Click on a group to see who to contact for other details.