If you looked at our vision and values page, you no doubt saw that along with authentic community, our other major focus is community involvement.

It’s all about showing others the love of Christ through action!

We are involved with several local organizations, both with financial support and volunteering our time. For a list of upcoming volunteer opportunities, check out our events calendar.

Here are some of the organizations we are currently partnering with.


CPC LOGOMillions of babies have been killed in the name of convenience through the years, and it breaks the heart of God – and US! The CPC exists to save some of these lives by helping the women who find themselves in a difficult situation. They offer completely free medical and counseling services, and have been able to help thousands of women make the decision to choose life for their precious little baby.

We support the CPC financially, and we volunteer in their facilities. Volunteering requires attending their volunteer training. For more information about volunteering with the CPC, click here to check out their website.




Virginia Beach has many homeless people, and the People In Need (PIN) Ministry is a great help to them. PIN has been serving the homeless of Virginia Beach Since June of 2002 when they served 12 sandwiches to 5 homeless people. Now they serve over 200 people each week. They not only meet people’s physical needs, but the most important thing PIN helps with is the internal needs through their recovery groups, church service, and bible study. You can learn more about them on their website.

We support PIN financially, and we partner with them to provide their services. Every other month, we cook and serve the breakfast they serve on a Saturday morning. We are in the process of arranging other volunteer opportunities with them. Check the events calendar for our next scheduled PIN breakfast.


The JCOC is another organization that serves the homeless in our area. Their mission is to “empower homeless families and individuals to recover from crisis situations and return to being self-supporting, productive, and independent members of our community.” They do that by feeding, housing, clothing, training, educating, and helping people recover from devastating addictions. You can learn more about the JCOC on their website.

We support the JCOC financially, and we also partner with them in their daily meals for the homeless. There are many organizations that support the JCOC, so we are scheduled for three meals during 2016. We are currently exploring other opportunities to volunteer with them.