Our Foundation

Without our foundations, none of this would exist. We have two foundations that are absolutely essential to our calling as a church.

We are GROUNDED IN GOD’S WORD. We believe the Bible is literally the Word of God. It is the final authority on all matters. If I disagree with the Bible, then I am wrong.

We are POWERED BY PRAYER. Without prayer, we are doing things in our own strength, not God’s. Through prayer, anything is possible.


Our Vision

We are a church that is DEDICATED to seeing LIVES CHANGED by the TRANSFORMING and RESTORING power of JESUS CHRIST!
We believe the greatest proof of the resurrection is the fact that
I once was lost, but now I am found.
I once was blind, but now I see.
I once was hopeless, now I have hope.
I once was condemned, now I am redeemed.
I once was in chains in my soul, now I am set free.
I once was in despair, now I have joy unspeakable.
I once was in turmoil, now I have a peace that passes all understanding.
I once was unsatisfied, now I am content.
I once was dead in my sins, now I am alive in Christ Jesus!

Our Mission

This is how we go about seeing lives changed. We see it as a two lane road with the destination of changed lives. The two lanes are the two ways we get there.
The foundation of this road, as in the earth beneath the pavement that makes the road even possible is that we will remain Grounded in God’s Word. No matter what we do, God’s Word has the first and last say.
Mission #1: Doing Life Together in Authentic Community
In the early church of Acts 2, the new followers of Christ did everything TOGETHER. They prayed together, ate together, worshiped together, served together. They practiced what Jesus taught in John 14 about loving each other, and that by this the world would know that they were his disciples. We aim to do the same thing. We believe church should be a family, a fellowship, a community. And we believe that true life change happens when you spend your time with other believers.
Mission #2: Loving Others Together in Community Involvement
The Christian life is not just about hanging out with other believers, but about moving outward to serve those in need. Our local community has many people that are hurting and in need, and we want to be a church that is continuously involved in meeting those needs. Because an amazing thing happens when you serve someone who can’t give anything back to you – it changes you, and it changes THEM too! Jesus was all about serving the “least of these” and that is what we want too.

Core Values

The core values define our personality. It’s what we use to make decisions, and they are reflected in everything we do. You can think of these as road signs that tell us what speed to go. These three go together and help balance each other out.
Add Some Awesome
Everybody has some awesome to give. It doesn’t mean that you have to BE awesome, or the best at anything, but each one of us is made by a brilliant and imaginative Creator who has blessed us with unique talents and gifts to be used in His service. So, in all that we do we aim to always make things just a little better and each one of us has a part to play in that.
Keep It Real
Imagine the difference between a show room in a house that is for sale and a real living room. A show room looks good but it’s fake. A real living room CAN look good, but it’s still obvious that people live there. We live in a real world with real people, so why try to pretend? Keeping it Real is all about being authentic, genuine, transparent, and unpolished.
People Matter More
Jesus was always more concerned about people than about rules, schedules, or protocol – so we aim to be the same way. In our church there is nothing more important than people and we will bend over backwards to help those in need – even if it means our service starts late. So, if you ask ‘People matter more than what?’ our answer will be ‘yes.’